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Gifts for Kids

Have you ever watched a child tear through a pile of presents at a birthday party?  It is astonishing to watch how quickly a stack of thoughtfully chosen and carefully wrapped gifts for kids can turn into a massive pile of parts and pieces that become an organizational nightmare.


So what is the solution? Take into consideration these gifts for kids next time you are looking for a birthday present-


  • Give an experience gift:  Kids simply do not need a lot of stuff. Instead of buying a big present, take the child someplace instead.  A great birthday gift for kids is a pair of movie tickets or a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant.


  • Build upon an existing collection:  Rather than introducing an entirely new set, find out what the child already collects, and then add a complementary piece.  For example, if a little girl adores Barbies, the newest accessory in this line is a great birthday gift for children.


  • Outdoor toys are always winners:  Great gift ideas can always be found in the sporting good section of a toy store.  Soccer balls, footballs, tennis racquets, frisbees, hula hoops etc. are all good birthday gifts for kids.  You can also find some really fun alternatives such as foam rockets and super soakers.

  • And the best gift for kids…..books!:  Books are one of the best kids gifts out there.  Write special note on the inside, attach a treat on top, and package it in a fun way!  Better yet, let The Lollipop Book Club do all of this for you!

Remember these tips next time you are trying to think of a good gift for kids.  Spend your time and money wisely shopping for something that will be used and appreciated for years to come!

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