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The concept of The Lollipop Book Club began a couple of years ago while I was looking at all of the toys my children received on holidays and birthdays.  I could appreciate the excitement they experienced opening lots of presents.  But at the end of the day there was a lot of stuff around that they really did not need.

So I started to replace toys with books whenever giving a present.  Much to my disappointment, the books were quickly tossed aside as my child sought out packages that provided more immediate entertainment value. 

I knew that my gift of books would provide a much richer, longer-lasting experience for the child. I just had to find a way to inject excitement at the point of receiving the book so it would be more fun to give.

Instead of adding the books to a pile of presents, I began mailing them to my children.  Their reaction was incredible! So I started mailing books as birthday presents whenever my children were invited to a party.   The feedback I received from the parents was unbelievable!  The children were thrilled to get a package in the mail and were just as excited to read the book inside. 
I had so much fun searching for really good books and finding fun ways to package them.  And I constantly thought about turning this concept into a business.  But things were too incredibly busy for me to move ahead. I was already trying to balance my career and my role as a mom to two little boys.
When my third child, a girl, arrived, my husband and I finally decided that it would be best for everyone if I did not return to work.  So I finally found the time to pursue my dream of incorporating my "book-by-mail" gift into a business.
Every day I am relying on my formal education (BA from Bucknell University & MBA from Rider University) and my informal, but equally important, education as a mom.  After thirteen years in benefits consulting and management, I am thrilled to be going down this new path.  I feel very fortunate to have found the perfect opportunity to blend my home and work life in a business that means so much to me. 

Thanks for reading!

Karen Gallagher

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