Happy Birthday!

Where is Baby's Birthday Cake? (by Karen Katz)

Where is baby's birthday cake?

It's Baby's birthday, but where is his cake? Little ones will love lifting the large, sturdy flaps to find Baby's birthday cake in this new Karen Katz board book. Children will discover sparkly foil objects under each flap until they finally find Baby's yummy, shimmery birthday cake on the final page of this adorable new title.


Happy Birthday Little Pookie (by Sandra Boynton)

happy birthday little pookie

Little Pookie is up before dawn because it's Pookie's birthday, and Pookie just can't wait to celebrate! Pookie's Mom gently coaxes her little one back to bed--but not for long--in this delightful board book.


Birthday Monsters! (by Sandra Boynton)

birthday monsters

You hear your door come crashing downothose birthday monsters are in town! And they-re going to wreak havoc in the most extraordinarily rude ways. What fun!


The Secret Birthday Message (by Eric Carle)

the secret birthday message

A message in code starts Tim on an exciting treasure hunt through a dark cave, an underground tunnel and other strange places until he finds a happy surprise. Pattern recognition, matching shapes, following instructions, and simple map-reading are introduced to the very youngest readers.


Happy Birthday, Baby (by Dr. Seuss)

happy birthday baby

Adapted from the classic Dr. Seuss book "Happy Birthday to You!," this fun-filled, interactive board book has elements to touch, move, and smell. This novelty book is sure to help babies and toddlers celebrate their day of all days with the Great Birthday Bird.


Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake (by Eileen Christelow)

Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake

Five little monkeys wake up with the sun. Today is their mama's birthday and they are going to bake a cake. They'll have to measure the flour and mix in the right number of eggs, and get it all into the oven in time for the birthday surprise--without waking up Mama! Eileen Christelow has created an original, high-energy romp, sure to delight any child who has tried to plan a surprise.


Spot's Birthday Party (by Eric Hill)

spot's birthday party

Today is Spot's birthday, and all of his friends are coming over to help celebrate. But before Spot opens his presents, it's time for a game of hide-and-seek. Children can play along by lifting the flaps to reveal Spot's friends' secret hiding places. Filled with the bold, colorful artwork and simple text that have made Spot one of the most popular children's characters of all time, Spot's Birthday Party is sure to be a favorite of young children.

It's My Birthday (by Helen Oxenbury)

It's My Birthday

What could be better than sharing a birthday cake with the friends who helped to bake it? In this whimsical, cumulative birthday tale, a host of generous friends helps a small child assemble the ingredients for a delicious cake.