Curious George

 Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George

happy thanksgiving curious george

Today is Thanksgiving and George is so excited He loves everything about the holiday--from the parade with music, jugglers, and big balloons to the delicious turkey shared with family and friends. But even on Thanksgiving the curious little monkey manages to stir up some trouble Follow George through his Thanksgiving adventures with the short poems in this board book. The fun, tabbed pages are perfect for little fingers.

Curious George Christmas Countdown

curious george christmas countdown

Curious George is counting down the days until Christmas. The youngest of fans can join him as he celebrates, with this tabbed board book that has been adapted from "Curious George Holiday Special: A Very Monkey Christmas," airing on PBS KIDS.

Curious George Good Night Book

curious george good night book

There is so much to do at bedtime: cleaning up, taking a bath, telling stories, playing peek-a-boo, and more. Will George ever get sleepy?

Curious George at the Zoo

curious george at the zoo

George and Ted are going to the zoo today.But where has George gone? Will he miss seeing all the animals? Young readers will love touching all the animals in the zoo while looking for George, who is hiding on each page. Children are invited to explore a different tactile element, including the fuzzy mane of a zebra, the rough hide of a hippo, and the spotted coat of a leopard, on each spread.

Curious George Neighborhood Friends

curious george neighborhood friends

George has many friends in his neighborhood and they all have very different jobs. As George travels to some of his favorite places, like the fire station, the farm, and the science museum, the six sturdy pull tabs reveal the professions of George's friends who work there as well as an object particular to that location. The final spread pictures different professions and includes a game that encourages children to discover what kind of interesting jobs can be found in their neighborhood.

Curious George's 1 to 10 and Back Again

curious george's 1 to 10 and back again

Help Curious George count ten of his favorite things, first forward and then backward.

Curious George Shapes: A Slide and Peek Book

curious george shapes a slide and peek book

Looking around, Curious George realizes that he sees shapes everywhere. Slide the tabs sideways or upward to discover what shapes George sees when he looks at a soccer ball (circle), a painting (square), a jack-o'-lantern (triangles), a wagon (rectangle), a balloon (oval), a kite (diamond), a star, and a heart. Also includes suggestions on how parents and children can take a "shape walk" around their neighborhood.

Curious George Goes Fishing

curious george goes fishing

In this amusing episode, George tries to catch a fish, but what's that he's using for bait?

Curious George Before and After 

curious george before and after

Lift the flaps to see what happens to Curious George before and after in this interactive concept book.

Curious George Rides

curious george rides

This speedy adventure shows how George rides from one adventure to another on a bicycle, in a helicopter, and in the little blue car.

Curious George Seasons

curious george seasons

By spinning the wheels on each spread, young readers will learn all about the four seasons and the many things that take place in each one--fun in the sun and sand belong in summer, and making snow angels and ice skating are wintertime favorites. The book ends with a calendar of months.

Curious George Bigger and Smaller

curious george bigger and smaller

A brightly-colored concept book based on opposites and superlatives, with foldout flaps to illustrate progressions.

Curious George Color Fun

curious george color fun

Curious George explores the amazing world of colors in this bright book with a rainbow surprise at the end.