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Fun Gifts for Children- The Lollipop Book Club Experience

by Karen Gallagher
Giving a fun gift to kids is a very exciting experience.  As parents, grandparents, other relatives, and close friends,  we invest a lot of time and energy looking for creative birthday presents and holiday gifts for children.  
This is especially the case when we do not spend as much time with a child as we would like.  Whether separated by distance  or busy schedules, we look for ways to stay in touch especially during special times of the year. A fun gift of books for children from The Lollipop Book Club is the perfect solution. 
Each month a children's book arrives with a special note from you for the inside cover of the book. This is your chance to say something meaningful to a child that will be read over and over again. And the yummy lollipop on top makes this gift for children so much sweeter!
Just think about how excited your child will be to receive a bright red package in the mail every month!  Even if you do not see this child on a regular basis, you will be in his or her thoughts every time this special gift for children is received.  The book with your personalized note will be the creative birthday present always to remember.  
At The Lollipop Book Club, we  do all of the work on your behalf to send a memorable, creative birthday present or holiday gift experience.  We choose our books carefully based on reviews from parents, teachers, librarians, book critics....and most importantly, children!  We offer a wonderful, diverse collection of classic tales and modern stories filled with good humor, great illustrations, and excellent learning opportunities.
It is our goal to turn your monthly gift of books into an "experience" never to be forgotten.  And we also want to make sure that your impression is just as memorable so that you visit us time and again. Your shopping experience should be fun, fast and easy. Just pick the book package that is right for your child and we do the rest.
Thank you for choosing the most memorable gift for children- a gift of books from The Lollipop Book Club!

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