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Unique Gifts for Kids

Many of us have been on a quest, at one time or another, to find that perfectly unique gift for a kid that will be enjoyed and cherished for a long time.  Unfortunately we do not succeed very often because it is simply too hard to meet all of the criteria.  Requirements for that ultimate unique gift for kids may include some or all of the following:


·        Something the child does not already have

·        Fun and educational at the same time

·        Lasting entertainment value

·        High quality, durable, attractive

·        The child will remember you by it

·        Within your gift budget

·        And the list goes on…


And since the task of finding that unique gift for kids that satisfies all of the above is overwhelming, we just settle for yet another “hot toy of the season”, video game, or gadget for kids that does not do what it promises.


Before you toss in the towel and waste your money yet again, it is time to refocus on what you are really trying to accomplish with your gift.  It is not about material value of the thing itself; rather, you are communicating a message to the child about what he or she means to you.


So how do you go about turning your gift for a child into something unique and meaningful?  Make the gift an “experience” the child will remember. It’s not as hard as you might think. Here are some easy tips that will make a lasting impression on any child:


  • Send your child on a scavenger hunt around the house to find the gift.  Make this a tradition you practice on birthdays or holidays, and you will create memories your child will hold on to for life. 


  • Give your child a gift card and take him or her shopping with you to pick out the present, and then go out to lunch together. The time you spend with your child will have a more lasting impression than the gift itself.


  • Go see a show or concert together and leave the other siblings behind.  You may still want to give a present, but keep it small and save your money for the tickets.  Seats to the hottest show in town may carry a high price tag, so seek out smaller events at local venues.  The tickets will be affordable, and the time you spend with your child will be invaluable.


  • Find gifts that involve making something and then take the time to do it with your child.  There are numerous toy-makers that sell sets for the construction of ships and other vehicles.  Also, you can check out a craft store for some great ideas, like beading, jewelry-making, painting projects, etc.  The main idea is that you find a gift that you can make with your child.


  • Personalize the gift with a special note or phrase from you to the child.  If you have a quote or words of wisdom, find a way to incorporate them into your gift.  One great idea is to give a gift of books, and then write a note to the child on the inside cover or blank page.  Think carefully about what you want to say to your child and make it meaningful.


Finding truly unique gifts for children may seem difficult if you lose sight of the reason why you are giving a gift in the first place.  By channeling your time and money on creating a gift “experience”, you will never fail in giving your child a unique gift he or she will remember forever.


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