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Educational Gifts for Kids- Transform a Boring Gift into Something Exciting!

There is nothing better than a watching a child open a gift.  Kids are so uninhibited in expressing their emotions, so the sheer joy that covers their little faces when they receive a new toy is contagious.   If only they reacted the same way to educational gifts!


Sometimes you simply do not want to add another toy to the ever-growing pile.  So you decide to give an educational gift for kids this time. Maybe it’s a science kit, an activity book, an interactive learning toy disguised as a video game.  Whatever the gift may be, the educational nature of the gift is often not lost on kids, especially the older ones, and the disappointed expression on their faces may not be well-concealed.


Don’t toss in the towel just yet! You can turn your educational gift into a super fun experience for kids.  Take these simple tips into consideration and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results:


  • Tap into the child’s interests:  If the kid hates experiments, you can give really science kits until your blue in the face, and your gift will never be enjoyed.  Find out more about the child’s hobbies, and tie your educational gift into these interests. You can find a good book about anything, so if all else fails, give the toy with a corresponding book.  
  • Find a gift you can do together:  There are many educational gifts that adults and children can enjoy together.  Give a child tickets to a museum, especially if there is a child-oriented exhibit (think Star Wars, etc.) going on.  Or find something fun to paint, build, construct, etc. and make sure to take the time to do it with the child.
  • Throw in a small toy or treat:  If you are giving books, add a small toy to the gift bag as well just to add some fun.  Even better, tie the toy into the story if possible.  Remember, something as simple as a pack of bubblegum is enough to turn a boring gift into a really sweet treat.
  • Give a gift of books…but make it FUN:   Books are the best educational gift you can give a child.  And truth is, most kids really do love them.  But you may not always get the “jumping up and down with excitement” kind of reaction that makes gift-giving so fun.  So think about how to creatively give a book. For example, send the child on a scavenger hunt to find it. Or, better yet, send an educational gift for kids from The Lollipop Book Club!


Remember, educational gifts CAN be fun!  You may just have to put a creative spin on things.  Think outside the box and you’ll feel good about not wasting your money on another unnecessary toy again!

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