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Christmas Books for Children- A Wish to be a Christmas Tree

by Kelly Eveleth

You walk into a book store in December and before you is a display of Christmas themed books.  Why should you buy a book about the holiday that already is taking up a large amount of time before December 25th even arrives?  You love to read great books and on the table are books of real value.  Children also learn from the books read to them when an influencing person takes the time to have a conversation concerning the book.  For those who value the celebration of Christmas, consider an excellent book as your most valuable resource.

This is a book review for A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree by Colleen Monroe.  The ISBN is 1-58536-002-3.  To gain the most from the reading of this book, I present to you some simple steps.

Read the book quietly and alone for your own enjoyment first.

Then, choose a time and place in which you will have your child's attention.

Be prepared to engage your child in a conversation about your values concerning Christmas.

The Summary of this book:  An old tree laments that he will never be cut down for a Christmas tree.  The animals of the forest help him discover that he has been a gift to them in a different way, that he had a different purpose just as important.

When reading a book to children there are three opportunities to learn about your child's understanding of the book.  I have suggested a prompt for discussion before the book is read, during the reading, and after the reading.  Asking your child a question before the reading helps set the expectation of the book's message.  Asking the child a question during the reading helps the child focus on the ideas being presented.  After the reading allows the child to connect the story to themselves more directly.

Before reading:  What are some ways a pine tree is used?

During reading:  What are some of the gifts the forest animals receive from the pine tree?

After reading:  Why is it important for us to give gifts to others?

Challenge for Parents:  Help your child identify the way others give to them.  And, allow your child to be creative in how to give something of themselves to others.  Stretch the thinking beyond the things done recently during the holiday season.

During the holidays many messages are being sent to your children.  What do you want the most important message to be?  To be an influence in our children's values and beliefs, conscious steps must be taken to guide our children.  Why not use a beautifully written and illustrated book?

To gain additional free suggestions and resources to strengthen the values of your children, visit KJ's Cottage owned by Kelly Eveleth.  Kelly shares her expertise from the perspective of being a Life Coach and Professional Educator.

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