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Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin

The theme of Diary of a Worm is set right away with the title and then each event is dated by month and number. This delightful humorous picture book by  Doreen Cronin is about a lovable worm who finds out that there are some good things in life and not so good things.

His mom tells him there are three things he should always remember:

1. The earth gives us everything we need.

2. When we dig tunnels, we help take care of the earth.

3. Never bother Daddy when he is eating the newspaper.

And there are three good things about being a worm.

1. I never have to go to the dentist.

2. I never get in trouble for tracking mud through the house.

3. I never have to take a bath.

The illustrations by Harry Bliss are really the highlight of this book and the cartoon images on the inside of the book cover are meant to look like family photos of the little worm. In addition the protagonist tries to teach his spider friend how to dig but the spider gets all his legs stuck in dirt and in turn the spider tries to teach the worm how to walk upside down, only to discover that worms cannot walk upside down. All ages can relate to the humor in this book. Adults and children can share a fun read together.

I observed my seven year old granddaughter as she read Diary of a Worm to me. She carefully studied the pictures on both pages before reading. Although the words were for her grade level, the pictures enhanced her confidence with her reading.

Carma Dutra is the owner of Carma's Word, a creative writing and editing service a freelance writer and children's writer. Visit her blog at to read about tips on writing, author interviews, and a variety of topics regarding children. Carma is currently enrolled in the Institute of Children's Literature, a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and a member of the National Writing for Children Center.


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